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About us

About us at My Go Hire

We are two brothers, one is from a career in construction, and the other one is from a career in recruitment, we are total polar opposites in our careers. But together, we are going to disrupt recruitment within the construction industry.

What started out as a little chat about the problems in both our industries (back in 2017) has slowly developed into a feasible business. The two simple questions we asked were:

  1. “How can you justify recruitment fees”
  2. “How can we connect companies and talented individuals ”

Our goal is simple. To create a digital map of all construction companies seeking talented individuals across the UK, Europe, Americas, MENA & Asia, Worldwide and to connect.

My Go Hire is here:

To connect the fragmented construction talent market.

To solving the skills crisis: It is common knowledge in construction that there is an increasing skills and labour shortage created by an aging workforce not being adequately replaced, further exacerbated by Brexit… By creating a digital map we can connect construction job seekers to construction companies speeding up the hiring process. 

To abolishing Agency Fees: Lack of visibility and transparency in the construction recruitment market has resulted in a fragmented construction recruitment market places and an influx of Construction Company’s panic using agencies to fill their roles.  The expensive and long drawn out recruitment process is preventing job mobility causing major social and economic problems.

Its no secret, no one likes paying recruitment fee’s, It can take a long time and it has a real lack of visibility and transparency. We have given the power back to the companies and talent, allowing you to make your own decisions and ask your own questions

Digitalising construction: Construction recruitment  is the second least digitalised industry in the UK and the recruitment is not much better. We have created a digital platform creating hassle free, efficient and paperless process that uses data to match job seekers and companies.

Why My Go Hire 

Culture –. We’ve built a digital recruitment platform to change the culture of construction recruitment by removing obstacles and empowering job seekers. We want to give people the opportunity they deserve which will give them the best quality of life. Construction is an industry like no other and the second oldest industry in the world and culture is embedded in the very heart which means this won’t be easy, but we believe it needs to change. 

Collaboration: We believe industry is stronger when we all work together.  We want to break down barriers and construct (pun intended) a new way of recruiting construction professionals that work for companies and job seekers.  

Hassle Free: We have the technology within our hands, it’s about time we use it to make construction recruitment a simpler process. Get the inside track and speak directly to the key decision-makers in a business.