Construction Jobs - 10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Construction

Construction Jobs - 10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Construction

The UK construction industry produces an output of £110 billion with approximately 2.4 million jobs in circulation. This mass of jobs provides many opportunities, with something for everyone. Whether you wish to be more hands on, or behind the scenes. Degree or no degree, vast experience or none, there is a job for you within construction. 

We will be going over some of the key reasons as to why you should start a career in the industry!

1. Career stability 

With the growth in the construction industry, the demand for jobs increases. Despite technological advancements driving out workforces of many other industries, within construction, automation has been able to create more opportunities. 

 2. The salaries 

The industry has large room for progression, which in itself can provide a healthy income. To top it off, salaries are on the rise. With the skills shortage, comes a higher pay for talent. 

3. It's constantly evolving!

Technology in particular, is constantly evolving the world of construction. A job in construction will place you at the forefront of technological advancements, allowing you to use and make results with such tech. Now is a better time than ever to get stuck in. 

Construction technology
Drone inspection. Operator inspecting construction building turbine power plant.

4. It’s for women too!

Construction is not just for men. Gradually more and more women are being targeted by employers, with a welcoming 37% of higher education applications coming from women. The present 11% share of women in the construction industry is set to rise, with stigmas and stereotypes being shaken off. 

5. It’s a rewarding career

Few jobs can provide such satisfaction. With your efforts leading to societal improvements, from tackling the UK’s housing crisis or being able to shape the London skyline. There is a guaranteed level of personal gratification. Seeing a completed project, has been said to be one of the most rewarding elements within construction work.

London Skyline

6. You can travel

Skilled workers are needed all over the world. Some companies can provide opportunities in multiple countries for their employees. So if travelling is of interest, site based work will be a great fit for you!

7. Higher job satisfaction 

You’ll never be bored, with no two days being the same. New challenges crop up throughout projects. This engaging style of work makes it exciting to be a part of, more rewarding and memorable.  

8. The sociable workplace

If you like working as a team, this is the industry for you. Many construction jobs rely on collaboration. You’ll work through challenges as a team, build bonds and form lifelong friendships.

Work Friendships

9. Be your own boss!

With the demand for construction work, setting up your own business is a realistic future dream. You can make your own decisions, manage others and have greater workload flexibility.

10. There is something for everyone 

Construction provides opportunities from 9-5 administrative work, to on site managerial roles. The variety allows for people to pick roles which best suit their strengths, qualifications and goals. 

Get started and find a job in construction!

Once you’ve established which area of construction best suits your skills and goals, take a look through our job listings!

Step 1. Fill out a profile. - Be as brief or detailed as you like. 

Step 2. Communicate directly with employers. 

Step 3. Begin your career in construction!

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