Founders' Blog

Founders' Blog

We are two brothers, one is from a career in construction, and the other one is from a career in recruitment, we are total polar opposites in our careers. But together, we are going to disrupt recruitment within the construction industry.
What started out as chat down the pub with problems in both industries (back in 2017) has slowly developed into a feasible business case at the beginning of this year. The two simple questions we asked were:

  1. “How can you justify 15%-20% of a salary as a recruitment Fee”. With the average salary in the industry has risen by 9% in the past year (with this likely to continue rising), construction companies are facing ever-increasing recruitment agency costs – typically around £10,000 per hire.
  2. “why is there so much secrecy from agencies and no transparency”

To put it bluntly, we couldn’t justify the fees that agencies or third parties charge, and we wanted to bring autonomy and transparency to talent and companies using our platform. With that in mind, we had shared a vision to create value, simplicity, and change. It was born out of a belief that finding the best talent doesn’t need to be tiresome and expensive, My Go Hire is launching an innovative new way to connect the construction industry with top talent, through an easy-to-use recruitment platform that costs a fraction of the price.

We set the wheels in motion, pulled together a team, put our house savings together and developed My Go Hire platform. We spent months researching existing recruitment methods, speaking to talent and employers to scope and develop the model. As a result of our research, we designed a model that blended great technology to connect companies with the best talent.

The team behind My Go Hire all share the belief that the industry needs to change and this is a simple way it can be done. Our developers are creating a platform so simple and easy to use, you won’t need to click more than 3 times to get to where you need to. Our head of marketing has worked in start-ups to blue-chip companies and is ensuring we can get the best talent on board.

We’ll be officially launching very soon, so sign up and keep informed, let us know if you have any recommendations or thoughts. We are making this to improve talent and company’s experience and journey in recruitment.

We understand the challenge ahead of us, It’s not going to be easy, but we’re excited for the ride to change construction recruitment.

Tobias, Co-founder