It's time for a refresh!

It's time for a refresh!

It’s time for a refresh!

After a year in business, we have welcomed the opportunity to have a branding refresh. 

It is time for us to sharpen our messaging and visuals, to ensure they reflect how MyGoHire and our users are constantly growing and changing!

This next stage in MyGoHire’s brand evolution captures our following core elements:


We have an array of talent and construction companies signed up to MyGoHire all across the U.K! Sustainable resourcing is a top priority for many companies, employing talent in the local area not only has a positive effect on the town/city in question but also reduces carbon footprint!

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Whether when looking for your next career move or the final piece of your teams’ puzzle, we are a transparent platform allowing candidates and hiring managers to interact directly with each other through a simple online messaging service.

Ask questions, submit your CV, arrange interviews and get direct feedback, all through one simple platform.

No more wasted time or miscommunications!

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At MyGoHire, we are working to innovate the construction recruitment industry with a new approach. We allow you to interact directly with top construction talent and companies. With roles across Land and Planning, Technical and Design, Pre-construction, and Commercial construction, we cover all bases.

The MGH branding journey:

We are excited to see what the future holds for the MyGoHire brand!

We will portray our continued innovation in the shaping of the construction recruitment space in our branding.

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